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This blog is for posting my various art / fanart projects to tumblr from 2013 and on. For earlier work, check out my DeviantArt page in the links above. :)

I love the theories floating around that the Beach City cliff side temple, where Steven and the Crystal Gems live, is a visual representation of all of them fused together.  The episode Giant Woman showed us what gem fusion can look like, so I thought if all the gems combined they would make an even more giant woman, a COLOSSAL WOMAN, who would be most certainly Beach City’s ultimate protector. -n______n-

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Pikachu - Moogle - Hybrid

Any chance you're going to sell your supernatural playing card decks somewhere?
ravennowithtea ravennowithtea Said:


I will be at FanimeCon (May 23-26) and AnimeExpo (July 3-6) with a limited supply of Family Business Decks with me for purchase. 

I will post more information on where to find me (AA table locations) as it gets closer to both conventions.  :)

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Crystal Gems Sailor Scouts

[Commission] Sanctuary Cast

For #deancasweek14 || Secret of Kells!AU

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Happy birthday! (gonna go put on my Castiel with Curly Fries shirt to celebrate) :)
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woo hoo!

Lars and Sadie

Will Graham - NBC Hannibal


Commission of my Peculiar, INC characters by Ravenno.

Left to right: Kim, Ezekiel, Coda, Justus, and Rico.

Bask in their awesomeness.

Today’s #sketch_dailies theme was “mermaids.”

I thought this would be a good opportunity to finally work on a submission for the catalog of merfolk project and knock out both for today. <3

a quick little drawing for today’s #Sketch_dailies prompt "robot monster"

Gryphon and Mock Turtle for today’s #Sketch_dailies prompt “GRIFFIN”