Ravenno With Tea

This blog is for posting my various art / fanart projects to tumblr from 2013 and on. For earlier work, check out my DeviantArt page in the links above. :)

☆★☆ happy birthday euclase! ☆★☆

This motivational poster is the last print I’ll have managed to make before AX, haha. And now it’s all done!  \o/

—-I’m looking forward to seeing everyone at Anime Expo!  See y’all in a few days! XD

Sailor Uranus x Sailor Neptune / Haruka x Michiru

Makishima Yuusuke!

catching up on Yowamushi Pedal~

K Project Cookie in a Cup for gem2niki

(Happy birthday!!)

To go with Bishounenizer’s Sailor Senshi

color palette meme character requests


Andrew Detmer and Steve Montgomery from the FANTASTIC film Chronicle, created for me by the (I can’t say it enough) AMAZING ravenno.

Inspired by this post.

—-Totally in need of more sword fighter Connie. <3

Another entry I did for the WeLoveFine: Steven Universe tshirt design contest - Steven and Lion waiting together in the rain. <3

[commission] Coda & Terry for caterpillarsend


Ronaldo Fryman


Holiday Season Set, Day01

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